The Day I Killed Facebook

On May 4th, I deleted my Facebook account.

 I’d been considering it for a while, but hadn’t picked a specific date to do it. And then that day I’d had enough. Time to go.

Facebook can be a great tool (and was in fact the easiest and primary vehicle I used for communication in my job). But it can also suck the life out of, well, life.

And I found my life being sucked out by it; I had an obsessive compulsion to check it all the time (which I’m sure no one else can relate to), even though I didn’t actually post that much. I would surf on it just because I was bored. And I found myself comparing my life to that of those I looked at – and coming short of course, because their lives looked awesome and exciting and like they have it all together. This is the main critique about Facebook, I know, but I fell for it even while knowing it wasn’t completely true.

I also became increasingly unhappy about all the advertising being forced on me through it; sponsored posts in my newsfeed and things like that.


So it’s been a mere ten days since I said goodbye, and what’s been the result?

I was surprised to find myself experiencing withdrawal symptoms – the desire to log back in was stronger than expected (it takes FB two weeks to permanently delete the account – probably so people will change their minds). I felt, and still do, like I was suddenly cut off from the world and from people. What’s going on out there? And, I felt (feel) like I no longer had a “voice” with which to speak (whether anyone was actually listening or not).

And a big downside was losing the means to connect with people I was ‘friends’ with on there but dont’ have the email or phone contacts for.


I also find that I am now more ‘present’ wherever I am, than I was before. I feel more present to God in my life and in my prayers, and more present to the people that I interact with IRL (‘in real life’). And, I find that my concentration is slightly better than it was before.

I realize it’s not been long since I killed my FB account, but I can say it’s definitely been worth it so far.




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2 responses to “The Day I Killed Facebook

  1. Good stuff, Josh, those are good reflections on some of the ills of Facebook.


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