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Shower Prayer

I find the shower is a great place to pray.

As I am physically, I am reminded to be naked before God – no fig leaves, no masks, no posturing or excusing.

I’m not distracted by much, and I can wash on auto-pilot.

The running water creates a kind of white noise that allows me to contemplate, and listen for God’s voice too, so my prayer becomes more like a conversation as I lift up my various concerns and thoughts to Him.

And just as the water cleanses my body, so I am reminded that Christ’s mercy cleanses me from all my sins.

The next time you take a shower, try it out. You might find it life-giving too.

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How Should We Pray?

“Some brothers asked Macarius [4th C. monk], ‘How should we pray?’ He said, ‘There is no need to talk much in prayer. Reach out your hands often, and say, “Lord have mercy on me, as you will and as you know.” But if conflict troubles you, say, “Lord, help me.” He knows what is best for us and has mercy.'”

– from The Desert Fathers: Sayings of the Early Christian Monks

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