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The Power of Josh

So, I saw this pic on the interwebs the other day, and had to save a copy of it:


Kinda surreal for me. It reminded me of a car ad I saw in India back in 2000, maybe a Honda or Toyota I don’t remember which, for a car called “Josh” that looked sort of like a Honda Element.

It seems to be an IT department, or perhaps they’re call center workers who haven’t put on their headsets yet. The look on the face of the guy in front is one of intense listening, yet his mouth seems to show that he doesn’t really want to hear what’s being said. Maybe it’s new quotas or new procedures. But somehow, josh will help these workers do their jobs well. Somehow they will exceed expectations through the power of josh.

Today I made it my Twitter banner pic, and wondered if I could find an actual definition for “josh.” Here’s the best one that I saw:

“Josh is an Urdu word, it means “heat/zeal/enthusiasm/passion/lust”” (dubious link)

Uh huh.

Definitely does not describe me (a melancholy phlegmatic), but I’m okay with that for now.



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