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The Parable of the Unforgiving Monopoly Player

The Parable of the Unforgiving Monopoly Player

Three people were playing Monopoly. One of them, who happened to be the Banker, was doing extremely well and had properties with hotels all over the place. The 2nd one, the Hat Player, was doing all right with quite a few houses and hotels. The 3rd player, the Wheelbarrow Player, was doing terribly: a few properties, but no sets and no developments.


At some point late in the game the Hat Player landed on Boardwalk with a hotel, which was owned by the Banker. The rent was $2000, which the Hat Player currently didn’t have, all his money being tied up in developments.

“Pay up!” said the Banker. “Looks like you’ll need to mortgage some of your properties.”

“Wait!” cried the Hat Player. “Have a heart please, I’ll have the cash soon after a few rounds and I’ll make sure to pay you before the game ends.”


The Banker was feeling generous and decided that, instead of giving the Hat Player more time, she would just absolve the debt altogether. The Hat Player felt great relief, and the game continued.

On the very next roll, the Wheelbarrow Player landed on Mediterranean Ave. which was owned by the Hat Player. The rent was only $2.00, but because he had been having such a bad game, he couldn’t even afford it.

“Pay up!” cried the Hat Player. “Mortgage your properties until you can afford it!”

“Wait! Have a heart please, I’ll pay it as soon as I pass “Go” and collect $200.”


“Nuts to that,” replied the Hat Player. “Looks like you just went bankrupt.” And the Hat Player laughed one of the meanest laughs you’ve ever heard.

The Banker, understandably, was quite angry by the Hat Player’s actions. “I had mercy on you when you owed a huge debt, shouldn’t you have had mercy in the same way to your fellow player, who owed such a little one?” And with that the Banker flipped over the whole game board in anger, and a few of the pieces hit the Hat Player in the face, who went crying home to his mommy.

The end.

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